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Wed. Dec 10th 2014
Station 2 Draws a Countywide Turnout for a Drill

On a cold, December night Station 2 hosted a Bayshore Chief's drill focusing on both the dangers and precautions of deali...

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Sun. Nov 16th 2014
Station 2 Travels North on Drill Day

Today Station 2 members gathered on a cold Sunday morning to make the trip north to Somerset Fire Academy. Once there, m...

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Thu. Jul 24th 2014
Drill Night at Station 2 Gets a Special Guest

This past Thursday night Station 2 was honored to have guest Dr. Guy Margolin of The Joint in Middletown along with...

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Our banquet hall facility provides you with a cost effective alternative to higher priced banquet facilities, but with a touch of class. We are not the typical "firehouse" banquet facility.  A professionally designed decor including wall to wall carpeting, custom wall coverings, hand made decorative moldings, and ceramic tile flooring in the service areas are just few aspects that will enhance your function. Our bar features an oak top with custom wall coverings and a hand carved mirrored backdrop adding a touch of class for any gathering you may want to host.

The facility is a "bring your own" alcohol facility, which allows the host to select their level of cost and quality of product.  These purchases must be made through a licensed retailer of package goods.  Our skilled staff will assist in serving your guests, and our built in soda system provides for soft drinks and some drink mixes.  Fruit juices and garnish are not provided, but may be brought in by the host as part of the "bring your own" experience.

Looking to book a date? Simply email the address below with the date you're are looking for, the approximate length of your event, as well as the approximate amount of people you're expecting, and our hall rental agent will get back to you in a timely manor.

Contact us: (732) 264-9404 or email

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Recent Calls

Fri. Nov 21st 2014
Rescue 2-85 Responds to Matawan for the 2nd RIC in a Week

At 15:21 hours Station 2's tones dropped for a RIC assignment into Matawan for a working house fire. Rescue 2-85 was in s...

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Sat. Sep 6th 2014
A Smoke Condition Turns Out a Full Company Response

At 19:53 hours a general alarm was dropped alerting stations 1, 2, and 3 of a smoke condition in a suite located in Airport P...

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Sun. Jun 8th 2014
Station 2 Battles a 4 Alarm Blaze in Union Beach

At 1804 hours Station 2's tones dropped for a mutual aid assignment into Union Beach requesting Ladder 2-91 for a 2n...

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